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Fine jewelry hand-crafted with love & care...

Creeping Vine Designs is a small independent company featuring the award winning, handmade art jewelry of Ivey Bows. Ivey fabricates her contemporary sterling silver designs with gemstones and occasional gold accents.


Along with her newborn Son, Ivey lives in Albuquerque, NM with her husband and 2 dogs.

Ivey draws inspiration for her jewelry designs from nature, machinery and many other forms of metalwork, both ancient and modern that are not usually associated with jewelry. The techniques involved in the creation of Ivey's jewelry include sawing, filing, drilling, hammering, grinding, soldering, stone setting and buffing. Her work is fabricated from sheet, wire, tubing and other forms of metal - she does not use casting molds in her work. Intrinsic to Ivey’s style is the intense soldering, with an acetylene torch, of many tiny pieces, one at a time, by hand to formed surfaces. Ivey designs and fabricates each piece, herself.